Do I need a copywriting portfolio?

Do I need a copywriting portfolio?

A portfolio is simply a ‘scrapbook’ containing samples of work that you’ve created.

It’s also known as a ‘book’. If you’re looking to work in an advertising agency, it’ll be one of the most important tools you can have as a copywriter. Why? Because people will employ you based on the quality of work in your portfolio.

As we’ve said earlier, copywriters aren’t required to have a formal education or qualification so the only way to demonstrate experience and knowledge is by creating a portfolio.

For those looking to get work in an advertising agency, the portfolio is the first thing Creative Directors will want to see and they will base their assessment of you on that.

If you want to work freelance, it’s still important, but not as much, because people will hire you often on first impressions and on how confidently you present as a copywriter. That means having a business card, knowing what questions to ask the client, being confident in taking a creative brief and charging an appropriate amount in a professional manner.