Bonus Book Chapter!
‘Secrets of Online Entrepreneurs’

Receive a complimentary digital sample chapter of Bernadette’s new book, ‘Secrets of Online Entrepreneurs’.

If you’re about to become a freelance copywriter, and seek to set up a business that enables you to work anywhere, anytime, then learning how to set up an online business is an essential ingredient for your success.

This book is the ultimate ‘how-to’ guide for creating, building and selling an online business.

Packed with inspiring stories of how some of Australia’s most successful online entrepreneurs built their businesses, these internet mavericks provide valuable insights into how anyone with a hobby or innovative idea can take advantage of the vast opportunities that a global market now offers.

Secret of Online Entrepreneurs

You’ll discover how to:

  • Create an epic online business using a proven 7-step process
  • Identify industries that are ready for disruption
  • Turn your favourite hobby or great idea into a lucrative business
  • Build your personal brand and gain media coverage
  • Generate global attention without leaving home
  • Help your team develop an entrepreneurial mindset