You’ll Learn How To

  • Develop the confidence, mindset and attitude needed to set up, create and sustain a successful home-based business.
  • Develop a marketing system that generates high-quality, high-paying clients without you having to ‘sell’ your services
  • Navigate the ‘mechanics’ of setting up a successful small business – building a website, sourcing the ABN, choosing a name, creating marketing collateral and other basic ‘tools of the trade’ to get you started
  • Charge top dollar for your copywriting work and ‘bundle’ your services to generate on-going revenue streams and convert one-off clients into long-term advocates
  • Niche your service offering to take advantage of your previous work experience, passion project or hobbies to become a recognised ‘copywriting expert’ in your field
  • Develop a copywriting portfolio that impresses and inspires clients to do business with you, even if you’ve never written copy before
  • Create simple but effective email marketing campaigns that deliver never-ending sources of new business leads
  • Find copywriting clients with ease and use clever marketing strategies to leverage your existing network of those who may need copywriting
  • Move away from the limiting ‘per hourly rate’ mindset and into a ‘value-based’ model so you get paid what you are worth, not for the hours you put in
  • Work collaboratively with other businesses to fast-track your success and dramatically increase your income without increasing your workload

Our Training Works

This inspirational course has kick-started the business careers of some of Australia’s most successful copywriters. Their writing skills have enabled them to earn excellent money whilst they pursue their other passions be it to travel the world, bring up their children, write their novel or find a new career path after retrenchment. For many, the attraction is being able to develop that all-important work-life balance that is virtually impossible to find whilst working for other people.

This course is brilliant for:

  • Writers who want to make money doing something they love that gives them the time to write on their novel, screenplay or creative project
  • Journalists who want to add copywriting to their suite of corporate services
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to learn how to offer copywriting as a service to their clients
  • Owners of service-based business like graphic design, photography, education, coaching, editing, or financial services who would like to know how to market their services more effectively