LinkedIn Training


LinkedIn for Copywriters, Creatives and Consultants

Learn how to use LinkedIn (properly) and automate your lead generations so finding new clients is a breeze. 

An online coaching program for creative entrepreneurs 
who want to use LinkedIn to find more clients.

  • Do you want to learn how to use LinkedIn more efficiently?
  • Do you want to explore the full potential of LinkedIn so you can use it with confidence?
  • Do you want to create a pipeline of qualified clients cost effectively, and without much effort?

We can help.

Learn how to navigate the LinkedIn dashboard AND write copy for LinkedIn:

This online course takes you ‘under the hood’ of how LinkedIn really works and covers both the mechanics of how to navigate the LinkedIn dashboard with confidence, and how to write copy for LinkedIn posts, articles and summaries.

You’ll become a LinkedIn master and have the skills to take control over your LinkedIn profile and generate a steady stream of high paying clients.

Learning outcomes:

Enrol in this course and you’ll learn how to:

  • Use LinkedIn to find new, high value clients
  • Gain a loyal following so you can increase your reach and amplify your online presence
  • Craft a compelling profile that positions you as a thought leader
  • Master the art of writing and publishing all forms of LinkedIn content - articles, posts, images, videos, infographics and documents that guarantee engagement
  • Use keywords to get found by your target audience
  • Understand every feature on the platform so that you can navigate the dashboard like a pro
  • Create a blue print for engagement and automate the process of nurturing leads
  • Know when and how often to post and avoid embarrassing rookie mistakes
  • Apply clever repurposing techniques to create content and get more mileage from what you already have
  • Use hashtags to reach more people quickly and access high value networks that are currently outside your reach
  • Turn cold links into warm prospects and hot leads
  • Convert queries and messages into paid contracts and engagements

If you are serious about building a copywriting or freelance business and you want to access the world’s most popular lead generation tool for new business, this is the course for you.

Who’s the course for?

Copywriters of course, but really, for any freelancer or consultant in any field who wants a deep understanding of how to use the platform to find a regular, reliable, consistent, qualified source of new leads. And who doesn't want that? 

Why have we created it?

Because most copywriters, contractors and freelancers need to find more clients.  Whilst many of us have dabbled in LinkedIn, few of us have the time to learn how the dashboard really works, and how to harness the potential of this incredibly powerful platform.

But imagine if you could? Think about what else you could do with your time if you had a steady stream of high paying clients coming in through LinkedIn? With a few well written posts and articles, you could be securing a raft of new clients. And the cost of acquisition? Virtually zero.

The course trainers:

The course will be led by Adam Franklin, one of Australia's most trusted authorities on LinkedIn. Adam is the CEO and founder of Bluewire Media, a leading digital marketing agency. He's written two books about web marketing, coached 7,000 business owners on how to use LinkedIn, and is one of the most refreshing, engaging and entertaining trainers in the field. 

Two trainers for the price of one:

It’s not enough to know how LinkedIn works. You also need to know how to write copy for LinkedIn. That’s where Bernadette Schwerdt, the Copywriting Coach comes in.

As Australia’s leading copywriting trainer, she’ll ride shotgun alongside Adam, providing the training for how to write posts, articles, and videos for LinkedIn, and show you how to craft the copy you need to get those leads flowing through the pipeline.

Why should you do the course NOW?

Because it’s getting harder and harder to get cut through. Emails get deleted, you have to ‘pay to play’ on Facebook and Google Adwords is expensive.

LinkedIn is still the most untapped and under-utilised platform so now’s the time to jump on it so you can get a head start on the rest. Don't wait until you have to learn how to use it. Take action now and learn the basics of using LinkedIn so you can start leveraging this powerful platform right now.

We all know we should use it, we just don’t make the time to learn it. Well, now’s your chance.

PLUS, one of our students, Alison Dunn landed a $30K contract using LinkedIn. You can hear her story here

Course fee:

$797 inc. GST.

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