– outsourcing made simple

In any business, there’ll inevitably come a time when you need something done but don’t have the skills or the time to do it. But how do you find the right person for the job?

Matt Barrie, an Australian technology entrepreneur, developed a central online hub that helps people engage with freelancers from all over the world. He’s the man behind the world’s largest freelance marketplace

Since launching four years ago, this online resource has connected more than 9,265,349 people and facilitated over 5 million projects. With access to thousands of different people and skills from all over the world, employers can take their pick from a workforce that’s both efficient and cost-effective. Jobs range from simple to complex, in areas such as software development, writing, data entry, design, and lots more.

While the concept of outsourcing isn’t revolutionary, Matt saw an opportunity to create a site that aggregates freelancers in one centralised hub – all to make it easier to find who you need for any particular job.

“Starting it was a case of the Remington ad. I tried the razor and I liked it so much that I bought the company. I used a small website to get something done and it just blew me away – the fact that I could get someone on the other side of the world to do a job for me that I couldn’t find locally. And long story cut short, I basically bought the company and then used it as a platform to acquire the competitors.”

It’s all pretty simple really, but that’s what makes it so effective. The site provides a convenient solution for business owners who need a job done, while also providing an even playing ground for freelancers from all over the world. Businesses or individuals simply list a job on the site and choose between the freelancers who apply. They then have the option to pay only once they are satisfied with the work done.

Looking back on how he got to where he is today, Matt wouldn’t do anything differently – except, perhaps, “do it faster”. So what can we learn from this successful Aussie online entrepreneur? Matt shares his advice for starting a new business:

Go and do it

“Lots of people are thinking about starting a business, but very few actually go out and do it and there’s a huge gap there.”

Think big

“Think about a business that’s going to be in a billion dollar plus market, because, even if you miss the mark, you’re still doing well.”

Hire the right people

“Don’t compromise on the people you hire. Make sure your team is always A grade. A grade people attract other A grade people.”

Written by Melissa Anderson Official Blogger for the “Secrets of Aussie Online Entrepreneurs” TV show