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Eyetracking Study Story
Here’s an alarming fact. Space on a big company’s homepage is worth about 1,300 times as much as land in the business districts of Tokyo or New York. (Click here for more…)

Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing (SEM), or in simple terms, web marketing, can be very confusing for business owners so my intention with this article is to simplify it and give you an overview of what it’s all about. (Click here for more…)

Writing For The Web – The Top 5 Mistakes Most People Make When Writing For The Web
Writing for the web is similar to writing for any other medium but it does have some unique protocols that must be followed. This article outlines the 5 big mistakes business owners make when writing website copy and how to avoid them. (Click here for more…)

Uncovering Hidden Features
How To Tell The Difference Between A Feature and Benefit and Why It Matters! (Click here for more…)

3 Reasons SEO Copywriters Thrive During A Recession
I received an email this morning from one of my newsletter readers asking the following, “… do you feel SEO writing is something profitable to get into given the current state of the economy?” (Click here for more…)

Creative Brief:
(Click here to see template…)

How To Create Compelling Offers (Unconditional):
Why have an offer? Because Offers (or incentives) make people sit up and take notice. Offers should stop the reader dead in their tracks and make them say “I want that!” (Click here for more…)

How To Create Speculative Ads For Your Portfolio:
If you want to get work in an advertising agency, your portfolio is vital! Here’s a series of great briefs to get stuck into. (Click here for more…)

How To Get Started As A Copywriter:
The first step to becoming a copywriter is to decide to be a copywriter – no one will ever ‘anoint’ you as a fully fledged writer and no number of degrees, diplomas and certificates will mean you are a writer. (Click here for more…)

How To Write Headlines That Work:
Are you in small business? If so, you’ll know that advertising is expensive. So how do you make small space advertising work for you? (Click here for more…)

10 Ways To Get Work As A Copywriter In An Advertising Agency:
Working in an advertising agency is rewarding and challenging. But for many people just starting out, the challenge seems to be getting that first big job. There are many ways you can overcome that barrier and land a job at an advertising agency. (Click here for more…)

14 Simple Writing Secrets You Must Know If You Want To Be A Part Of The Lucrative World Of Web Writing:
If you understand these simple tips, you’ll know more about web writing than 97% of the population. (Click here for more…)

29 Quick Tips On How To Get The Most From Your Copywriting Course:
Freedom to work when you want, with whom you want, how often you want. You choose how much you work for and the clients you work with. You can work from home in hours that suit you. (Click here for more…)

3 Reasons Why Copywriting Is A Recession-Proof Industry:
Prospective copywriting students often ask me what the demand for writers is like in this current economic climate. My response is always the same: copywriting is a recession-proof industry. (Click here for more…)

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Copywriters – Part 1:
You may have heard the expression: Success Leaves Clues. Well, what that means is: find someone who is successful at what you want to do, and copy them. It’s as simple as that. (Click here for more…)

The (Other) 7 Habits of Highly Effective Copywriters – Part 2:
How Successful Copywriting Students Make Money From Copywriting: Here are 7 more strategies you can follow that will fast-track your copywriting career. (Click here for more…)

The 29 Steps To Being A Great Copywriter:
Put yourself in the shoes of the person you want to buy the product. Why should he or she want to buy it? What are their interests, their worries? Tap into them. (Click here for more…)

The 5 Top Mistakes Most People Make When Writing For The Web:
Writing for the web is similar to writing for any other medium but it does have some unique protocols that must be followed. This article outlines the 5 big mistakes business owners make when writing website copy and how to avoid them. (Click here for more…)

How To Write Words That Sell To Make People Buy
Copywriting: (n) The art of writing promotional material for websites, brochures, advertisements, emailers, proposals etc. (Click here for more…)

Uncovering Your Hidden Gems: How To Tell The Difference Between A Feature and Benefit and Why It Matters!
I saw an advertisement a while back that promoted the benefits of getting your doona dry cleaned. In fact, I liked the advertisement so much that I actually took my doona in to get dry cleaned, only to find out that the cost to dry clean it was almost double the price of what I paid for it. Needless to say, I didn’t proceed. (Click here for more…)

Words That Sell: A Dummies Guide To Writing Copy
I had the good fortune to have Apple Computers as one of my advertising clients. They asked us to come up with a series of headlines for a 24-page brochure to get rid of a bunch of old stock. The headlines we presented were fantastic! Amusing, outrageous, quirky. We were set to scoop the awards pool. But when the research came back, the headline that out-pulled all others was – wait for it (Click here for more…)

Why Do People Buy Your Products Or Services?
This might seem like a really obvious question to you – especially if you’re an accountant or mechanic or something straightforward like that. But when you scratch the surface you might be shocked to discover that people buy your product or service for reasons that you weren’t even aware of. (Click here for more…)

How To Create Strategic Alliances With Your Competitors
When you know what business you’re in, not only is it easier to market what you have but you get to discover who your competitors are. (Click here for more…)

Who’s Your Most Threatening Competitor? If You Don’t Know, You Should
In my last email, I mentioned the example of the Events Manager who discovered that she doesn’t just ‘manage events’ but is instead, a ‘Connector’ who helps clients connect in fun, engaging and profitable ways. (Click here for more…)

What Do You Sell? It’s Harder To Answer Than You Think. Here’s Why:
The very first and most important question I always ask clients is:

What do you sell? I know that sounds really obvious – “Of course I know what I sell” they say – but if you really think about this question, you’ll find it a bit more complex than you think. (Click here for more…)

Sell The Benefit, Not The Feature. Here’s How To Do It
Knowing why your customer needs your service is the first thing you need to know when writing copy.

If you’re selling services, it can be quite hard to sell the benefit because you don’t have a physical product to show. (Click here for more…)

For Those Who Want To Write… But Can’t Get Started.
As a business owner, writing your own marketing material can be really difficult. Not just because writing (for many) is hard work but because it gets put on the ‘will do when I get time’ list – which generally means it never gets done. (Click here for more…)

If “We” Is The First Word On Your Website, You’re In Trouble. Here’s Why.
One of the best tips I can give you when writing copy is to stay away from the word ‘We’ and replace it with the word ‘You’ instead. (Click here for more…)

Tips On How To Get Your Site On Page One Of Google.
Ben Angel from Nationwide Networking and Zooba interviews Bernadette Schwerdt, the Copywriting Coach, on the art and science of getting your website ranked highly on Google. For practical, cost effective techniques that really work, listen to this recording and you’ll discover techniques that will make all the difference. (Click here for more…)

Classic Ads From The Past
If you want to see some of the most politically incorrect advertisements ever written (and to have a really good laugh) check these out. (Click here for more…)

Tips On How To Get On Page One Of Google
We’ve all heard the expression ‘Keep It Simple’. It’s a lofty goal in some ways as running a business seems to get more and more complicated every day. (Click here for more…)

Designer Labels And Brands: Are They Worth It Or Would A No-Name Brand Be As Good?
I ran out of my normal shampoo recently and had to resort to using my husband’s no-name, supermarket brand. As a loyal user of a high priced salon-brand, I felt like I was using dishwashing detergent on my head, (and the lather it generated was not dissimilar either). (Click here for more…)

Copywriting Rule #1: Write As You Speak
For some reason, when we write copy we think we have to sound ‘professional’ and ‘intelligent’ which, more often than not, comes across sounding like a cranky headmaster. Here’s what I mean: (Click here for more…)

Rule #2 For Writing Success: Walk A Mile In Your Customer’s Shoes
Knowing your target market is the key to writing copy that cuts through the clutter. This means you have to do some homework to find out how your target market think, speak and behave. (Click here for more…)

Rule #3: Write With A 13-Year Old Kid In Mind. Here’s How.
For some reason, we like to sound intelligent when we write copy – as if we’re trying to impress people with our command of the English language. But when we do this, all we really do is confuse the reader and annoy them with our pretentiousness. (Click here for more…)

Rule #4: Who Are You Writing To?
Knowing who your target market is and knowing what’s important to them is part of the research you need to do before writing any copy. (Click here for more…)

Rule #5: Ask A Good Question And You’ll Get A Good Response.
Getting started with writing copy can be quite hard – there’s a blank computer screen in front of you and so many ways to go – so where do you start? (Click here for more…)

Rule #6: What To Leave In When Space Runs Out.
In my last email, we talked about the questions your clients ask (either out loud or in their head) before they will consider buying your product. (Click here for more…)

Rule#7: How To Turn Features Into Compelling Copy.
Before you start writing any copy at all, you need to create the Features and Benefits List. To do this, you obviously need to know what features you have to work with and what the corresponding benefits are. (Click here for more…)

How To Cut Your Writing Time In Half.
In our last email, we looked at creating the features and benefits for an entertainment company. Now that this is done, it means we’re now up to the exciting stage of writing the first word of copy. And that would be copy for the headline, one of the most important aspects of any advertisement, brochure or webpage. (Click here for more…)

How To Write Headlines Using Questions (And Why They Work So Well).
Asking questions in a headline is always a great idea because it forces the customer to consider your proposition, whether they want to or not. (Click here for more…)

Why “Quick And Easy” Headlines Work The Best
We’re all pushed for time so if we can offer a quick solution to a problem, people will sit up and take notice. (Click here for more…)

How To Write Copy That Cuts Through The Clutter
Experts say we’re exposed to over 3000 advertising messages a day so it’s fair to say it’s pretty hard to get people’s attention. (Click here for more…)

Why “The Intrigue” Headline Works Every Time
The purpose of the “Intrigue” headline is to create an air of curiosity about your service and to compel the customer to find out more. (Click here for more…)

Simple Tips For Finding Your Ideal Clients
This is an article I wrote for the Australian Women’s Network. (Click here for more…)