EP 05: How to find new copywriting clients (without picking up the phone)

Podcasts on February 23, 2022

How good would it be if others could find your copywriting clients for you?

What about getting paid to write your own book?

What about generating thousands of new subscribers without spending a cent?

All this and more is possible with partnerships - but not your average partnerships.

We’re talking about strategic partnerships and how copywriters like you – new and experienced - can leverage partnerships to build your copywriting business quickly.

In this episode, partnership expert and marketing guru Katrina McCarter reveals:

  • Why copywriters are uniquely placed to source lucrative partnerships
  • How copywriters can leverage partnerships to build their business quickly (without spending a cent on marketing)
  • Examples of partnerships all copywriter should consider
  • What to look for when collaborating
  • Who to contact to find new partnerships