EP 04: How to build a billion-dollar online business

Podcasts on February 23, 2022

How do two Israeli brothers with no money, basic tech skills and patchy English build some of Australia’s most successful online businesses, with a combined exit value of more than $1 billion?

You may not know their faces but you’ll certainly know the brands they build – Catch.com.au, Menulog, Scoopon and Luxury Escapes. What’s more, they did it on a budget and spent virtually zero on marketing.

How did they do it? With great copywriting, an entrepreneurial mindset and a passion to create a successful business.

In this episode, the co-founder Gabby Leibovich reveals:

  • How he built multiple businesses without spending any money on advertising
  • What he looks for when hiring copywriters
  • How to turn humiliation and failure into the fuel for success
  • The secrets to innovation when you’re up against competitors bigger than you
  • The power of PR and how to get it, even when you’re just starting out
  • How you can make your own luck when everything is going wrong
  • The power of networking (even if you’re an introvert and hate going out)

Fun fact:  You never know where copywriting will take you.  After interviewing Gabby for my first book, Secrets of Online Entrepreneurs, he contacted me four years later to ask if I would ghost-write his business book. I did, the book is out, went to #1 on Booktopia and Amazon one week after launch and the rest is history.

The lesson? Writing books is great fun, lucrative and as a copywriter, you are the perfect person to help others do it! Just think of it as one long copywriting job.