Copywriting Rule #3: Write With A 13-Year Old Kid In Mind. Here’s How.

For some reason, we like to sound intelligent when we write copy – as if we’re trying to impress people with our command of the English language.

But when we do this, all we really do is confuse the reader and annoy them with our pretentiousness.

Here’s what I mean:

On a recent camping trip, I saw this sign at a caravan park:

“Illumination is required to be extinguished on these premises after nightfall.”

What they really wanted to say was, “Lights out after dark.”

Here’s another I saw in a fancy cheese shop:

“We invite you to sample our wares.”

What they could have said with half the number of words was:

“Please try one.”

Have faith that you are intelligent and that you are already impressive, and try to write as simply as possible.

In my next blog, I’ll move onto the meaty topic of understanding your target market and why that’s so important – stay tuned!