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A wealth of experience; a range of practical topics

Words that sell – Master the art of persuasion

No matter what business you’re in, you need to write words.

For the website. The blog. The newsletter. The brochure. For Facebook.

And it’s not just the written word either.

The words we use in meetings, in speeches, and in our phone calls are all equally important.

What is all comes down to is this – we need to write words that get results. And for most companies results means more sales and greater profits.

So if you want to increase your profits, take a look at the words your team are using – verbally and in print – and you’ll discover that in most cases, the team would benefit from a one or two day training programme or an online training session.

If you want your team to write more clearly, more effectively and consistently so that everyone is ‘singing from the same songbook’, you need to engage a speaker like Bernadette to help you achieve that.

Some of her most recent topics include:

  • Social Media For Small Business – How And Why It Works And Why You Need To Know
  • Web Writing – How To Write Words For Your Website That Drive Traffic And Increase Sales
  • Headlines That Sell – How To Grab Attention Using Headline Formulas
  • Social Media For Executives – The Social Media Landscape And How To Introduce It To Your Company
  • Writing For Email and Online Campaigns
  • How To Write Direct Mail, Sales Letters and Brochures That Get Cut Through

5 Secrets to choosing the right conference presenter:

Here are the reasons Bernadette is a preferred presenter for professional conference organisers.

  • Preparation – her presentations are meticulously researched so the audience gets relevant and illuminating insights they can apply directly to their business
  • Punctuality – being cool calm and collected is her hallmark and this all begins with being on time so she can liaise with the technical crew, the front of house team and others to ensure everything is on track
  • Rehearsal – as an actress with extensive live theatre experience, Bernadette knows that rehearsal is the key to confidence. You can be assured she gets it right first time, every time
  • Research – every presentation Bernadette delivers is customised based on the client’s material. Your participants will get a unique learning experience every time because her material is always customised for your company and industry
  • Flexibility – no one wants a prima donna presenter that can’t adapt to change. Bernadette is able to adapt to changing conditions easily – from microphone malfunctions to disruptive audiences, to equipment meltdowns. She can handle it all and more importantly, she’ll turn it into an amusing and learning situation for the audience.

 A range of formats:

Bernadette’s presentations are customised so that the examples and case studies she cites are relevant to your company and industry. They can be delivered as:

  • 1-hour keynotes
  • ½ day workshops
  • 1 or 2 day workshops
  • Webinars (online seminars)
  • One-on-one writing coaching and mentoring

If you need an entertaining speaker who can provide useful, practical and results-oriented content that is immediately applicable to businesses small and large, you need to speak to Bernadette.